My favourite
books on
Whales and Dolphins!

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Beyond the Orca
  • "On The Trail Of The Whale" by Mark Carwardine
    (1994, Thunder Bay Publ., UK)
    ... funny stories about whales and whalewatching

  • "War of the Whales" by Joshua Horwitz.
    (2014, Simon and Schuster)
    ... a powerful book about the effects of naval sonar on wild cetaceans

  • "Among Whales" by Roger Payne
    (1995, Simon and Schuster)
    ... a major book by a major whale researcher

  • "The Presence Of Whales" edited by Frank Stewart
    (1995, Alaska Northwest Books)
    ... contemporary writings on the whale

  • "Whales, Dolphins And Porpoises"
    (1995, National Geographic Society)
    ... the masterpiece by the National Geographic Society

  • "Last Chance To See" by Douglas Adams and Mark Carwardine
    (1992, Ballantine Books)
    ... the hitchhiker's guide to the most endangered animals on the planet

For Kids
  • "Storm Boy" by Paul Owen Lewis
    (1995, Beyond Words Publishing)
    ... a wonderful myth with beautiful illustrations

  • "Siwiti - A Whale's Story" by Alexandra Morton
    (1991, Orca Book Publishers)
    ... the first year of a little orca and her family

  • "In The Company Of Whales" by Alexandra Morton
    (1993, Orca Book Publishers)
    ... from the diary of a whale watcher

  • "Whales Passing" by Eve Bunting
    (2003, Blue Sky Press)
    ... facts and fun for preschool kids

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