When Harry Met Patty

The Goblet Of Misfire

Douglas Adams Continuum Meeting November 2005

We so went to London to meet again!

at The Old Vic waiting for
Kevin Spacey as Richard II

on the way to the hotel

London by night sure is pretty!

from virtual to actual friends
in less than 42 seconds

the movie we went to
(different cinema 'though)

at Cheers, explaining rugby ...
... you know, egg and stuff

looking with pleasure ...

... at a devoted fan!

the guys are impressed
(by the device and the owner)

almost loosing control ...

... in front of an amused audience ...

some guys can't have all the luck!

Comparing devices ...

... make some guys look nervous,
others appear to remain confident ...

... but in the end it's all
about the arrangement, isn't it!

anyway, the food was excellent

killing time at Covent Garden

last minute shopping by the number

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