London Calling

"Douglas Adams Continuum" Meeting May 2005

We so went to London to see the movie and now,
thanks to Micha, you can read a 2003 draft of the script!

And we had so much fun that we went there again in November!

But in August 2006 it was time for Berlin!

December 2006: Musicals, movies and menus in London!

Piccadilly Circus, May 6, 2005, 17:00

our meeting point

getting familiar at Cheers

getting more familiar ;-)

on our way to the movie

the Apollo West End theatre

That Obscure Object of Desire

having dinner after the movie,
desert for the insatiables

getting your lifeline explained by a goddess ... 42 more years?

explaining it
(beware of the alien on the far right)

threatening to call Robbie Stamp for assistance?

honestly, we did more talking than eating ... I swears!!!

toying with flash

she doesn't seem to mind

later it got a wee bit blurry ...
Saville Road 3
the former Beatles office, opposite the concert roof

the modern Apple centre, maybe I should get one of them wee ones?

meeting again at Oxford Circus

having lunch at a nice Sushi bar with one of those fancy conveyour belts

we apologize for the poor quality ... but the T-shirt was too cool to miss

a powerful bitch mimics a powerful cat

we went for a little sightseeing

Trafalgar Square with a tired leader

ok, ok, he wasn't tired!

heading towards Westminster

here's Ben ... but where's Jerry?

on the way we've lost a couple

oh that phone again ...

... distracted?

someone takes a picture of somebody else who's taking a picture of someone

the famous London Ai-Ai

HoG Pod Mk II?

... and then there were three ...

so much to see for us continental aliens

the Tower 42 with the Swiss Re cucumber in the background

Parliament behind bars ... fancy, eh?

looking NE with Somerset House on the left and St. Paul's on the right

looking over Charing Cross towards the British Museum

Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey

well, from now on it was all downhill

Government district and Buckingham Palace

Whitehall Court with Trafalger Square and BT tower

awww ... ain't it pretty?

looking towards the MI6 building,
007 hardly visible
mmm ... chocolate
in hidden Soho after enjoying a nice cup of tea

and then it was about time to watch the movie one more time

and where better than at the place of the premiere?

we couldn't resist the artsy-fartsy picture standing on the poster!

Marvin with an HoG Pod egg?

We love Marvin!

wow, they sure picked an impressive theatre for the opening night

So long and thanks for all the fun! Next year in ... ?

Hello Ground!

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