Berlin, Berlin, wir waren in Berlin!


Douglas Adams Continuum Meeting August 2006

In the hotel lobby, documenting the device skill ...

Waiting for England

What a pretty fez!

he sure loves his device!

England arrived, time for the pressies!

The lady has her own apparel!

a special sign ...

Thai Dinner, decision time!

more device ... well, you know.

he had the best seat ...

... see what I mean?

the flaming Mai Tai got well documented!

Fancy, eh?

taming the burning flame ... of the Mai Tai!

he tames his device ...

Oh no, the device is spreading!

Girls, drinks, a fez ... a night to remember!
la luna
The moon next to the Berlin tower ... we missed you, mg!

Party at the beach bar!
Art (not Garfunkel)
Hmmm, a Nazgul or a Dementor?

Nah, just a frog with a serious snot!
Guess who was here before?
Iain's new car?

Breakfast at her's
she sure loves her shoes ...
more shoes
... as you can see!
Spree canal
Refreshments at the canal!

Ok, if you concentrate hard enough, you can see the scoter ...

... but you have concentrate really hard!

And off we go again ...

Coffee before the flipflops!

At the Brandenburg Gate (with flipflops) ...
Brandenburg Gate
... Brandenburg Gate (without flipflops)

A ride on the carriage ...

... wot fun!

From Berlin tower to Lustgarden?

Arrival at the Berliner Dom!

Nice hat, nice man, nice horsies!

Out of horses, back to feet ...

... excellent pizza, whiny wine!

The signature at the top belongs to John Illsley (Dire Straits) ...
American Graffiti
... so we had to mark our proof of presence!
female distractions
England somehow got distracted ...

World Cup Mk II
not photoshopped
Safer veggies!
not photoshopped
Is that a good sign or a bad sign?

Relaxing after a long day ...

... it's a kind of magic!

Getting sacked!

Time to say goodbye!

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